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Our Fleet

Cessna 172

Cessna 172

The Cessna 172 is Aeroptic’s smallest aircraft in Aeroptic’s inventory, but still have great collection capabilities. The 172 is perfect for small imagery collections where it  utilizing Aeroptic’s POD based imagery collection platform. 

Cessna 172

Cessna 182

The Cessna 182 is Aeroptic’s second smallest aircraft in Aeroptic’s inventory. The 182 is perfect for small to mid sized imagery collections as well as being a great platform for regional aerial sensor testing and evaluation.

Cessna 206

Cessna 206

The Cessna 182 is Aeroptic’s primary aircraft of choice for aerial imagery collection services. The 182’s configuration is ideal for any collections up to 1500 km² (580 mi²). The 182 is also a great platform for sensor testing and evaluation.

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Here's What Going On Around the hanger

Direct Geo-referencing Progress

The Aeroptic 2.0 system received a major boost in performance in January 2015, as we discovered a significant source of...

Aeroptic Aerial Imagery

Marshfield, MA Aerial Imagery

Today we collected a stretch of breached sea-wall in the Marshfield, MA area.  We posted the data to our cloud-based imagery...

Aeroptic Seamline Tools Update

Our seamline tools are done.  Tie point algorithms have been improved to ignore foliage and bodies of water, and the...

Aeroptic 2.0 Production

We are in the middle of a significant production run, and wanted to give a big “thanks” to the KEYW division...

Aeroptic, LLC

Aeroptic eGimbal Progress

Our KEYW associates in Oldsmar, FL sent us a picture of the new eGimbal configuration we’re working on.  This extremely...

Aeroptic Seamline Tool Improvements

Our seamline magnitude tools continue to get more accurate, and the statistics are looking great!  The plot on the left...


Aeroptic Seamline Magnitude Tools

Aeroptic’s Engineering team just generated the first plots out of our new aerial imagery seamline magnitude tools.  These compute the magnitude...

Aeroptic OCG Compliant

GMLJP2 Testbed 11 Participation

Aeroptic has been awarded a contract from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) to participate in the upcoming “Testbed 11” standardization exercise....


Boston_Early_Morning_squareWe started Aeroptic began a simple notion: leverage our decades worth of global experience with the most advanced, government-grade aerial remote sensing technology, and we could dramatically improve upon the traditional aerial imagery methods of responding to natural disasters, monitoring our precious natural resources, and monitoring infrastructure development.  From enhancing precision agriculture efforts in the Corn Belt to improving crop yields in emerging nations. Aeroptic is focused on helping the world unlock the power of aerial imagery in geospatial information systems. 


Words from our partners!
  • “I would like to thank the team for providing excellent flight services during both the integration and flight test portions of our program. Your team is excellent.”
    Dr. Steven WeinPresident, EO Vista, LLC
    "Aeroptic’s imagery has been instrumental in enabling OmniEarth to create and update accurate water budgets for California water districts. The image quality and accuracy, along with Aeroptic’s ability to mobilize quickly and cover broad areas on demand delivers everything OmniEarth needs to make precise land classification measurements to serve our customers.”
    Alistair MillerDirector of Products, OmniEarth
    "Combined with Aeroptic’s expertise in aerial imaging, we’ll collect data that will advance the technology of calibrating ground truth systems.”
    Chris DurellDirector of Imaging, Labsphere