Nate Taylor Joins the Aeroptic Team

Aeroptic, LLC

Aeroptic, LLC announced today that Nate Taylor has joined the Aeroptic team to expand their business development activities with a strong focus on the agriculture and natural resource sectors.

Nate will build upon Aeroptic’s success in delivering remote sensing products and services to customers around the globe. Nate comments “I am excited to join the team. Aeroptic has extensive expertise and background in delivering remote sensing based services, and is uniquely positioned to service the agriculture, forestry, and natural resources sector.”

Scott Stetson, Executive Vice President of Aeroptic, adds “Nate comes to us with a wealth of experience in remote sensing, especially within the agriculture industry. Nate will complement the Aeroptic team quite well as we continue a strong move into the agriculture and natural resource sectors.”

Aeroptic’s Agricultural Offerings

Aeroptic’s aerial remote sensing services for precision agriculture are very low cost, highly accurate, provide consistent results, allow for rapid assessments, and have a broad range of applications. Modern precision agriculture relies on site-specific management tactics to maximize yield and resources while reducing environmental impacts such as over-fertilization and the broad applications of pesticides. Pinpointing areas that require attention – be it water, weed, pathogen treatment, or nutrient adjustments allows for spot applications rather than whole-field treatment which results in significant cost savings while improving crop yields.

If you would like more information, please contact Nate Taylor directly at (814) 441-1867 or email at