Aeroptic Helps define OGC’s GMLJP2 Imagery Standard

Open Standards for Sensor Imagery

Aeroptic has been working with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) since 2013 towards a set of open standards for describing sensor model imagery.  The latest result of this work is the candidate imagery standard GMLJP2 2.1, completed in July 2017. In this update, GMLJP2 graduates from a geographical to a geospatial imagery standard, capable of supporting sensor models via SensorML 2.0. That is, while the standard could previously handle only explicit coordinates values in previous versions, now it can make use of models of the underlying physics of the image collection. So now images no longer have to be rectified, a process leading to information loss, prior to conversion to the GMLJP2 format.

Click here to view the candidate GMLJP2 version 2.1 schema

A Sensor Model for Frame Camera

The Community Sensor Models (CSM) of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) are well-suited for adaptation to OGC standards.  Aeroptic selected the CSM for frame camera, the Frame Sensor Model Metadata Profile Supporting Precise Geopositioning (FSMMG), when the collaborative work with OGC began in late 2013.  We present the latest versions of our XML support documents here, which are all based on published OGC standards:

Example GMLJP2 version 2.1 image using FSMMG

Aeroptic GMLJP2

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The image header as a standalone XML document

FSMMG Parameter Tables

The following documents organize the FSMMG metadata as defined for use in SensorML 2.0:

CSM FSMMG Standard version 2.1 (NGA public document)